a) All prices are quoted in the local currency “Euro” and do not include value-added tax (VAT) – Except when indicated at the time of the quotation;

b) For clients based in the United States, prices are quoted in USD including VAT taxes. 

c) Prices provided may change without noticed according to availability and market conditions till booking


a) Reservations are subject to availability at the time of request and will be confirmed upon receipt of a minimum deposit of 20% of the total sales amount. Benarrivati reserves its right to increase the deposit amount based on the type of booking and requirements from vendors. 

b) The pro-forma issuance is not the final confirmation of services. All services are considered confirmed upon the issuance of the voucher or when exceptionally informed by us.

c) In case the requested services are not confirmed, either due to lack of availability or any other reason, Benarrivati will send a cancellation of the reservation request via email;

d) When two or more consultants are handling/requesting the reservation, Benarrivati will consider the professional who made the reservation as responsible, accepting the conditions on behalf of all professionals involved in the process.


a) At the time of reservation request, a minimum of 20% deposit of the total pro-forma amount is required, this percentage might be higher according to booking type and conditions at sole discretion of Benarrivati

b) Payments can be made via: (i) wire transfer; (ii) credit card (fees may apply), (iii) paypal. Installment payments are allowed if settled up to 30 days before the date of the first service; 

c) Boat reservations may have a separate booking condition according to season and boat type and will also require a APA deposit (Advance Provisioning Allowance). Please consult with your travel advisor when booking. 

d) All deposits collected are non refundable, however, In case of reservation cancellations, the deposit will only be refunded if the cancellation occurs up to 90 days or less before the trip, according to the policy applied to each reserved service – see Cancellation Policies minus any non refundable services paid by Benarrivati to its vendors. 

e) Full payment must be made 30 days before the first service is provided;

f) Reservations and purchases of tickets will only be made upon payment of the deposit;

g) Cancellation conditions take effect from the moment reservations are made;

h) In the face of extraordinary or unforeseen circumstances, Benarrivati reserves the right to change any part of the itinerary to ensure the reserved service, substituting, if necessary, hotels, tour guides, means of transportation, and locations for experiences, without the right to a refund;

i) Benarrivati may or may not charge a planning fee after 5th alteration on the itinerary in the amount of EUR 150 per change. In case there is a charge, the amount paid by the client can be used towards the trip cost


a) In case of cancellation, the following policies will apply (the percentages below refer to the total cost of all services and not the amount paid up to the date of cancellation):

Up to 90 days – 100% refund of the total amount*

89 to 60 days – 70% refund of the total amount*

59 to 45 days – 50% refund of the total amount*

45 to 0 days – no refund

* Except for specific policies of each supplier, previously informed at the time of booking;

* Issued tickets will not be refunded;

b) In case of a no-show, services will not be refunded;

c) Benarrivati fully refunds the paid amount for boats in case of unfavorable weather conditions for navigation upon notice from the captain responsible for the service;

d) Request of refunds should be made by email to and will be processed in around 30 days from request. The refund amount will be sent minus banks and credit card fees incurred;


a) After issuing the pro-forma, change requests will not be charged until the third request. From the fourth request onwards, Benarrivati charges a service fee of Euro 100.00 for each change;

b) If there is any request to change services after the client’s arrival in Italian territory, Benarrivati charges a fee of Euro 150.00 for each requested change to a reserved service – non-payment will result in the change not being carried out;

c) Changes will be confirmed subject to availability, and in some cases, may be subject to penalties according to the Cancellation Policy.


a) Hotel reservations are made upon payment of deposit due.

b) City tax not included – to be paid directly to the hotel at the time of check-out;

c) Benarrivati respects the cancellation policy applied by each hotel;


a) Our Emergency Support team is available and free of charge;

b) The Concierge Service is available for a fee of Euro 350.00 or USD 350.00 (for US based clients) for a maximum of 10 restaurant reservations throughout the stay in Italian territory and must be contracted in advance; otherwise, it will be considered an extra service, and the fee will be paid locally – non-refundable fee;

c) Benarrivati reserve its right to add free of charge the concierge services for trips that are over an specific amount according to the destination (please consult your travel designer)..

d) The Concierge Service includes: restaurant recommendations and reservations, changes to restaurant reservations, store recommendations, events and shows, or any other special requests during the travel period;

e) Information on dietary restrictions and a credit card as a guarantee are required;

f) Availability at restaurants and other requested services is not guaranteed; please note that the request for any reservations is subject to availability, and Benarrivati will make every effort to meet demand.

g) Restaurant cancellations are subject to penalties according to the establishments’ policies;


a) Airport arrival transfers include 1 hour wait time.. In case of flight delay or unreported canceled flight to Benarrivati’s emergency team, it will be considered a no-show. If the wait exceeds 1 hour and 30 minutes, an extra hour may be charged, or a new transfer service may need to be hired at an additional cost;

b) Arrival transfers at train stations and internal transfers include 15 minutes of waiting. After this period, the driver’s extra waiting time fee will apply;

c) For hotel-to-airport or train station transfers, the maximum waiting time is 20 minutes, and Benarrivati reserves the right not to proceed with the service in case of delay beyond the specified waiting time from June to September;

d) If the client does not find the driver at the location indicated on the voucher, they must immediately contact Benarrivati’s emergency support phone – failure to comply with this rule exempts Benarrivati from any refunds;

e) It is the client’s responsibility to inform in advance the quantity of luggage for transfer services – in case of excess baggage, an additional charge will be applied according to the service performed;

f) Child seats are available upon prior notice of the children’s age;

g) Benarrivati reserves the right (and delegates to the drivers the right) to refuse the transportation of any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behavior is considered a threat to the driver, vehicle, or other passenger(s);

h) Clients are not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle;

i) Clients are not allowed to smoke inside the vehicle;

j) Benarrivati will make every effort to ensure that transportation means arrive on time at their destination, but will be exempt from any responsibility in case of unforeseen events on the way, such as road accidents, floods, and other eventualities beyond control;

k) The transportation means used by Benarrivati are fully insured for accidents as required by Italian law. However, Benarrivati recommends that clients start their journey with their own contracted insurance.

l) Benarrivati will strive to transport the client with the utmost comfort to the destination. However, extraordinary circumstances beyond control may compromise the execution of the service, such as:

• Accidents causing delays to the vehicle;

• Unforeseen traffic conditions;

• Closed roads and access restrictions to the vehicle;

• Exceptional or severe weather conditions;

• Compliance with police requests;

• Acts of vandalism and/or terrorism;

• Force Majeure events.

m) If, for any reason mentioned above, Benarrivati cannot transport clients to the planned destination, we undertake to provide an alternative suitable means of transportation, such as bus, train, private car, taxi, etc. Any reimbursement made by Benarrivati to cover the costs of an alternative means of transportation, which may eventually be paid by the passenger to reach the destination, should not exceed the cost of a taxi to the same destination.


While Benarrivati takes the utmost care in making sure the information on your itinerary and travel vouchers (collectively, “Final Documents”) is complete and accurate, it is your responsibility to carefully read and review the final documents upon receipt. Failure to contact us in time to allow for the correction and re-sending of the final documents could result in the loss or cancellation of your reservation, tickets or services listed on the documents for which Benarrivati Italy will not be responsible. In such a case, no refunds will be possible.


a) Benarrivati declares itself flexible for trip cancellations due to force majeure reasons, such as pandemics, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, strikes, wars, among others;

b) In case of service execution impediment due to force majeure, the paid amounts will be refundable through negotiations between the service executor, Benarrivati, and the contractor;

c) Benarrivati has a period of up to 12 months for reimbursement (through negotiations);

d) Benarrivati will provide vouchers for the paid amounts (through negotiations) for the performance of services at a later date. The voucher usage period will be 12 months or a period negotiated with the contractor;

e) Benarrivati is not responsible for penalties imposed by hotels.




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