A company specializing in luxury travel experiences
Your destination management companion

We are a premier Destination Management Company, dedicated to crafting authentic and distinctive experiences that consistently adhere to the highest standards of luxury. Our foundation rests on experienced and professional guides, a top-tier fleet of quality vehicles, and efficient customer service that is both smart and swift.

Benarrivati Travel Services

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We are driven by an immeasurable love for art and an immense passion for traditions, beauty, and cultural heritage. Consequently, we curate tailored tours and activities in beloved destinations to elevate your journey beyond the ordinary.

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A company specializing in luxury travel experiences
Your destination management companion

Benarrivati stands as a beacon of quality, integrating the heart of each destination’s culture and traditions into our operations. Since our Italian inception and expansion across new destinations (Africa, Greece and Portugal) we’ve woven the threads of authenticity and originality into a tapestry that garners international recognition.

The Visionary Architect of Benarrivati

Antonella Giancoli – At the heart of Benarrivati’s inception lies Antonella Giancoli’s intricate tapestry of passion for Italy’s charm and a profound understanding of its cultural heartbeat. A connoisseur of the Italian way of life, Antonella envisioned a travel service that transcends expectations, fostering encounters that bridge the gap between the dream of Italy and the reality of experiencing its layered richness. Her ventures across Europe, combined with a solid professional pedigree and a relentless curiosity for the uncharted, lay the foundation stones of Benarrivati’s ethos. It is this spirited exploration and pursuit of the unique that infuse Benarrivati with its distinctive philosophy.

The Strategic Maestro and Custodian of Excellence

Marcello Giancoli – Marcello Giancoli wears multiple hats with aplomb as the co-founder and managing partner at Benarrivati. Steering the company’s strategic direction, he is the driving force behind our bespoke business division. His extensive escapades across the globe have not only imbued him with invaluable insights into personalized travel but have also cultivated his prowess in orchestrating customer satisfaction. An alumnus of Harvard University, Marcello’s erudition in Private Equity & Venture Capital is just a facet of his storied career, which spans the intricate avenues of the financial world. His leadership is underpinned by a tenacious commitment to nurturing a brand distin- guished by its dedication to client-centric experiences, thus propelling Benarrivati to the pinnacle of refined travel.

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