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The Best
Of Italy

Italy: Centenary in nature, rich in cultural significance and bursting with hidden treasures scattered around its world renowned peninsula. And we, at Benarrivati, know that better than anybody else. Our team is composed of only native-born travel experts that thrive by proposing the absolute perfection, from the quality of the services offered to the handpicked hotels within our very exclusive network. Luxury beyond your imagination, service beyond your dreams. The Only Way Italy Should Be Experienced!


Land and sea encounter with breathtaking sceneries and crystal clear waters.

Golf & Wine


Enjoy the most beautiful golf courses in Italy surrounded by trees and perfect green fields.

Truffle & Wine


Meet “Tartufaio” and his dog. Enjoy this inspiring cultural and fascinating experience.

Visit Tuscany


Tuscany is famous for green fields, but on this tour you will discover something new.


Every itinerary created is unique around your expectations. From a luxurious countryside getaway into the Tuscan hills to truffle tours in the Piedmont alps aboard private Ferraris, we can do it all. Contact us now to begin planning your custom trip to Italy. Receive a custom itinerary and a dedicated concierge during your travel.



Milan is a very energetic city, besides the fact that it is the most elegant city in Italy. Milan is the fashion hub, harboring the largest businesses and financial centers in the country. Located at the intersection of trans-alpine routes, it became an important commercial center since long ago, hankered by powerful dynasties. Today, Milan is the ideal place for those wishing to enjoy the pinnacle of Italian style.



For centuries, Italy has attracted those seeking history and/or that romantic atmosphere. Rome has been one of the most popular destinations even for the most demanding travelers, after all, there are very few countries that can compete with its originality, artistic tradition, its sceneries, food or wine. The Italian cuisine is known for its excellence worldwide. Enjoy the perfect taste of Rome and the most famous Italian cities, usually recommended for first time visitors.


Amalfi Coast

Enjoy the vistas at the famous Amalfi Coast with its houses hanging on breath-taking cliffs. Travel to this unique and beautiful coastline located in the Province of Salerno of southern Italy. Charmed with stunning seaside towns and mountainous coastlines, The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful destination filled with rich natural diversity. We will show you a new way to enjoy and soak in the Italian summer filled with unique and unforgettable experiences.



Enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. South of the Italian Peninsula, separated by the Strait of Messina, Sicily is a beautiful island with breathtaking landscapes and amazing cultural treasures. Go back in time and visit historic sites you’ve only read about before. Take in the awe-inspiring beauty and grace of the sea and mountains of this region. Discover Italy’s gorgeous island surrounded by the Lonian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Seas.

Custom Itineraries

Every itinerary created is built from scratch around the wishes of our clients. Let’s start planning your trip today!


See Classic Italy

Experience Classic Italy

Perfect taste of the most famous Italian cities recommended for first time visitors.

Sea & Mountain

Tuscany Sea & Mountain

Famous for its extensive green fields, but on this tour you will experience something new.

Truffle and Wine

Best Truffle & Wine

Along with the “tartufaio” and his dog, enjoy this cultural and fascinating experience.

Golf and Wine

Golf & Wine Experience

Enjoy the most beautiful golf courses in Tuscany, surrounded by trees and perfect green fields.

Milan and Liguria

See Milan and Liguria

This amazing itinerary combines the beautiful Tuscany and Ligurian panorama

The Amalfi Coast

Eolies, Sicily, Amalfi Coast

Land and sea meet to form beautiful breathtaking sceneries with crystal clear waters.

Tuscany Bike Tour

Bike Tour Tuscany

This amazing itinerary combines the beautiful Tuscany and Ligurian panorama

Experience Umbria

Experience Umbria

This amazing itinerary combines a picturesque region in a quiet pastoral countryside


Private Transfers

Private Transfers

Travel in comfort with private luxury transfers during your stay.

Private Guides

Private Guides

We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese & other languages.

Private Drivers

Private Drivers

We provide luxury private driver services throughout all of Italy.

Luxury Car Rental

Luxury Car Rental

Explore Italy in style. We provide luxury car rentals during your stay.

Hotels & Villas

Hotels & Villas

We offer a wide portfolio of luxury properties all over the country.



Let’s make your stay more relaxed and pleasant with our dedicated 24/7 luxury concierge services.



A wedding in Italy is a truly magical experience. We are equipped to plan every stage of your event.

Our Story

Meet Antonella Giancoli and how her passion for Italy led her to travel all over the country in 2004 on a trip that would change her life and all of Benarrivati’s clients today. She visited every single corner of this amazing country and hand picked the best places, experiences, suppliers and services found to build an incredible type of incoming services to travelers. Today she continues to build amazing itineraries with the help of our team of experts she also selected throughout the years. The company was founded in 2008 in Rome with the main goal of offering a different kind of luxury travel services away from pre arranged packages found today everywhere. Every trip we build starts from scratch and respecting every detail of our clients desire and budget.